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16 years of experience in the State of Florida!

We have been proudly working with a company that has been in the solar business for over 16 years!! We have designed custom-built solar panel systems for every type of home or business, (both residential and commercial solar energy systems including battery backups). Being in the business for this time, we have seen the solar market substantially grow over the past decade. It has come to the point TODAY that its cheaper and more beneficial to go solar than ever before!!

Over the past decade the price of solar installs has come way down and the efficiency of the panels have gone up!! We are at the point, (with the added tax credit by the government TODAY) that it saves a enormous amount of money over time for those willing to do it TODAY!! The system will pay for itself between 6-12 years (depending on your system) by substituting the monthly payment to your Utility company with a fixed payment of the solar system!! That Payment is fixed for 25 years!

This is not including the increasing cost of electricity and inflation added to this figure (which is expected to spike much higher over the next decade for 4 major market reasons stated on the About US page here on our website). If you add those extra costs, it becomes a MASSIVE SAVINGS over several years!

Here is an example:

You’re paying $300 monthly (average bill) today to your electric company! Knowing the cost of electricity is going higher every year with the cost of inflation, and the massive demand for more electricity going higher, your bill could be in 10 years to be around $500-$800 a month or even higher!! IF we design a solar system today that generates 100% of what you currently using (GUARANTEED to Produce a specific amount of electricity for 25 years) and lock in a fixed monthly payment of $300 for those 25 years! Comparing just in 10 years paying $300 where as everyone else paying $600, or even compare 20 years after the purchase of the system for $300 versus estimated payment $900 a month! Those are estimates could be higher or a little lower!! However, It will also be selling point and add value when or if you sell your home!!!

Some Utility companies have been fighting against the net metering & allowing you to self-generating your own electricity politically, as they want to control, and resell all electricity in the state of Florida for more profit.

We have an incredible reputation, and our quote for a TOP-OF-THE-LINE TIER ONE SOLAR SYSTEM INSTALLATION that carries a 25-year Warrantee on all of the equipment we sell, will be far cheaper than all the BIG-NAME corporations in the solar business. As these bigger companies carry massive overhead that will be priced into the cost of your system!! BIGGER COMPANY MEAN BIGGER PROFITS! Our LOCAL Florida based company with 16 years of experience gets most of its customers from networking off happy existing customers! We welcome you to compare a quote against any other solar business by simply filling out the form and scheduling an appointment with a Specialist today!!