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Solar Energy Solutions of Florida

Going Solar especially living in the State of Florida (The sunshine state) Should be automatic if you’re looking to invest into enormous savings in the future. (Given all the benefits that Commercial and residential property owners can receive TODAY) Below are some the reasons everyone should be putting solar panels up TODAY, generating their own electricity! It would be very wise by locking in a fixed monthly payment NOW, (just like a HOME Mortgage) for their custom designed solar panel system. In many cases the monthly payments are less than their current monthly electric bill. This monthly payment for the solar system replaces the cost of their current increasing monthly (adjustable) electric bill from their Utility company. Here are 4 MAJOR REASONS TO MOVE TO SOLAR TODAY TO SAVE!

  • 1. Currently there is a 30% Tax credit given to owners going solar! Yes, the government will pay for 30% of the cost of the solar system through use of a tax credit!

  • 2. The Cost of electricity has gone up substantially over the past decade, and with the amount of new home owners moving to Florida every Year, plus hurricane damages done to the electric grid, plus the increasing amount of Electric vehicles being Mass produced every year, creates even more of a demand in the future. Based on the market rules of supply and demand, electricity will go up substantially over the next decade added to inflation. Locking in a fixed payment today will save you a huge amount of money over the life of the solar system. (With a 25-year full warrantee on the system). That is why people lock in Mortgage rates over a fixed period of time for this exact reason!!

  • 3. With the number of Electric Vehicles hitting the auto market over the next decade charging your vehicle off your solar panel system will also save you even more money. Buying electricity from your Utility company or off a charging station, still adds to your costs!! (Even if it’s less than buying gasoline). However, eliminating your monthly gasoline bill for charging your electric vehicle off your solar system would even save you more money! Let’s face it, like it or not, every major car manufacture is now producing electric vehicles and statistics are projecting by 2030 more than 50% of all vehicles will be Electric!! They all will need to be charged somewhere, increasing the demand for electricity!

  • 4. Looking at everyone’s electric bill, you will notice everyone pays more in the summer months from using your air condition system, all from the direct sun heating the earth here in Florida! Why not use that direct sun to generate more electricity to power your air condition system? It’s just common sense! Schedule a free consultation today!