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Residential Solar

We only will suggest using Top Tier quality Panels backed with a 25-year warranty for all panels and work! All of our installations come with a workmanship warranty!!

Solar Panels

We recommend using only Tier 1 solar components. For example, one of our recommended solar panels would be a Q-cells panel, which is an industry leader and is also backed by a massive international company, Hanwha, a $145 billion dollar corporation. By using equipment from companies like Hanwha, we can proceed with confidence knowing that the 25-year power output warranty and 12-year full warranty should be able to be serviced for the life of the warranty. Other panel options are manufactured by Aptos Solar & Jinko Solar and a premium line is manufactured by Qcells. We recommend using panels that are backed by corporations with multiple top of class manufacturing lines, giving added stability to manufacturers warranties. For high wind velocity zones, we will also recommend panels that are approved to meet Miami Dade County wind load standards.We will only deliver designs that are current to local codes and only use installers who have proven track records in the 180MPH HVHZ area (High velocity hurricane zone). We can produce best-in-class designs for systems that would be installed over standing seam, tile, flat and shingle roofs.


By speaking with a custom solar specialist, we will custom build you a system that best fits your needs and budget! Just click on form and schedule a appointment today!